About MPT

Since 2012, the owner operated company mpt med production & trading GmbH, situated in Erfurt (Germany), is 100% part of CPR Group Germany from Sarstedt, near Hannover. The company’s staff consists of about 50 employees on a production and warehouse area of about 13.000 square meters.
As the affiliated subsidiary of CPR GmbH (producer of condoms and lubricants) mpt has specialized in testing, sealing and packing of medical devices s as well as in warehouse logistic.
Our experience, know-how and latest technique are your guarantee to get the best benefit by our well-rehearsed team. The organizational structure of our company ensures a high flexibility and a fast decision-making. Our main efforts consist of giving you expert consultation by meeting your expectations and demands.
We will gladly provide you with a customized offer!


Testing, Sealing & Packing of Condoms

As the affiliated subsidiary of CPR GmbH (manufacturer of condoms and lubricants) we have specialized in testing, sealing and packing of condoms. We are in a position to offer you the packing of medical devices because we are a certified company according to ISO 13485. We have been testing, sealing and packing of condoms for more than 25 years in Germany and comply with, of course, all relevant national and international quality standards and norms. Furthermore we can offer you all kind of support in order to obtain complete documentation for ISO 13485 certifications.

Procedure “Sealing and Packing” of condoms
See for yourself! You can watch the process of sealing and packing of SICO condoms made by CPR GmbH in our video.


Contract Manufacture

Referring to the field of contract manufacture we are in a position to offer you manual as well as machine contract packing, including different packaging sizes. We dispose of different types of packaging for the packing of goods:

  • folded box with and without Euro hole flap
  • from simply welded polybags to zip-lock bags
  • cellophane foiling of boxes
  • shrink-wrapping of boxes
  • filling of tubes with liquids (30ml - 200ml), with or without Euro hole

Flexibility and customized solutions are the main advantages of our contract manufacture/packing.


Warehouse logistics & Consignment

Our warehouse logistic includes provision of flexible storage space from single shelf units for small items up to high rack pallet storage. We take care of the individual consignment of goods according to your requirements. No matter if order- or article-related, or even special consignment-oriented - contact us! We have the experience and the facilities! We dispose of numerous consignment places, a modern and high-quality warehouse equipment and are able to restructure the manufacturing area corresponding to the respective demand of the order.


Renting of Storage Space

On our secured building area we can offer you storage capacity up to 590 pallet positions, such as warehousing of bigger machines and objects. The storage space can be rented per square meter or per pallet position - feel free to choose! Short- or long-term-renting of pallet positions is possible - this grants you optimal flexibility.