Condom dip-lines

We offer our basic model dip-line that we continually improve based on our condom manufacturing know-how. But we also build custom-made dip-lines when our customers have special needs to fit their technology or even to develop new technologies for them.

CPR GmbH offers condom dip-lines for producing high quality male condoms with a wall thickness between 0.05 mm and 0.12 mm, length between 160 mm and 205 mm, in different shapes, with smooth and textured surface.

  • Approx. 1.000 glass formers
  • Glass former cleaning, drying and polishing station
  • 2 double walled stainless steel dip-tanks
  • Intermediate heating system with separately switchable drying zones
  • Ring rolling station
  • Insulated vulcanization tunnel with electrical heater in 4 separate zones
  • 2 stainless steel leach tanks
  • Condom stripping unit
  • All temperatures adjustable by means of controllers
  • Optionally including computer and software for data storage as well as temperature and speed adjustment

Technical Data

  • Speed: 40-85 condoms per minute
  • Water consumption 100-200 l/h
  • Installed power: 90 kW
  • Average power consumption: 55 kW/h
  • Length: approx. 35 m
  • Width: approx. 1 m
  • Height: approx. 2.30 m


2010: Beiersdorf, Malaysia

2008: CPR, Germany

2005: CPR, Germany

2002: BGLC, Bangladesh (two dip-lines)

2001: CPR, Germany

2000: CPR, Germany

1999: Alatech, USA (two dip-lines)

1998: CPR, Germany

1997: Unimil, Poland & Ansell, USA

1996: Suretex, Thailand & CPR, Germany

1995: Suretex, Thailand, Ansell, USA & Everts, Germany

1994: Beiersdorf, Malaysia, Everts, Germany & Unimil, Poland

1993: Suretex, Thailand

1992: Everts, Germany

1991: Unimil, Poland (two dip-lines)

1990: Suretex, Thailand & Everts, Germany

1989: Suretex, Thailand

1988: Suretex, Thailand