MEIN KONDOM – YOUR Online-Store for Condoms, Lubricants and Toys.

The online shop of CPR GmbH offers every customer what he wants.

With the MEIN KONDOM Box – highlight of the Shop – CPR offers a completely individualized and refillable box for customers. The customer can choose his favourites of 30 condom variants of the brand SICO and can assort them for his personal assortment.

Best new online shop in Germany 2016
In October 2016, the MEIN KONDOM Shop was awarded with the Sales Performance Price as the BEST NEW ONLINE SHOP in Germany.
With this category the German Price for Sales Performance marks a pioneering and future-oriented project in the category in E- and Mobile-Commerce, which consider the demands of the target groups. This includes e-commerce solutions, platforms, social commerce, mobile shop solutions and innovative business models, as well as target-oriented and conversion-strong online shops. In the MEIN KONDOM shop it is above all the creative idea of the MEIN KONDOM Box, its relevance, the look, the performance and the very good mobile performance, which has been the decisive factor for the victory.
The image shows Marco Gehlken, Director Marketing and Sales of CPR GmbH at the award ceremony in Berlin.