The Crazy Monkey Condoms

Don’t open the cage!

Since 2016, the brand “The Crazy Monkey Condoms “ is a part of the CPR portfolio . The brand offers customers an assortment of “ Made in Germany” condoms with varied product attributes in different packagings: Fresh Mint, Banana, Fun+Friction and X-Large as 3 pcs and 12 pcs condom boxes and Crazy Collection as 50 pcs and 100 pcs box.

All condoms of the brand “The Crazy Monkey Condoms” are made from natural rubber latex; they are manufactured on special in-house-developed “state-of-the-art” machinery. All condoms comply with most of the common international standards like ISO 4074.

Languages of the boxes.: DE, EN, FR, ES

For detailed product information of condoms of The Crazy Monkey Condoms please visit www.mein-kondom.de.


The Crazy Monkey Condoms Fresh Mint

  • Green, lubricated condoms.
  • With mint flavour.
  • 0.06 – 0.07 mm

The Crazy Monkey Condoms Banana

  • Yellow, lubricated condoms.
  • With banana flavour.
  • 0.06 – 0.07 mm

The Crazy Monkey Condoms Fun + Friction

  • Transparent, lubricated condoms.
  • With Ribs und Dots.
  • 0.07 – 0.08 mm

The Crazy Monkey Condoms X-Large

  • Transparent, coloured, lubricated condoms.
  • Extra long. Nominal width: 54 mm.
  • 0.06 – 0.07 mm

The Crazy Monkey Condoms Crazy Collection 50pcs Box

  • 15 x Fresh Mint
  • 15 x Banana
  • 20 x Fun + Friction

The Crazy Monkey Condoms Crazy Collection 100pcs Box

  • 30 x Fresh Mint
  • 30 x Banana
  • 40 x Fun + Friction

The Crazy Monkey Condoms® 32PCS DISPLAY

  • Assortment of the The Crazy Monkey Condoms range
  • For more attention - Made in Germany
  • 8 x Fresh Mint 3pcs box
  • 8 x Banana 3pcs box
  • 8 x X-Large pcs box
  • 8 x Fun+Friction 3pcs box