Turnkey factories

Normally, condom factories operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They are stopped only for very short cleaning and maintenance periods.
An economically viable production facility has an annual output of 120 million condoms.
For that capacity, approx. 150 employees are needed to operate the plant. The size of the factory building should amount to approx. 2.500 square meters for manufacturing, warehousing, office space, and social rooms.
Based on the modular system of CPR machines, the production can be started with an annual capacity of 30 million of condoms and adapted to the sales figures of condoms afterwards.

  • Design of production buildings
  • Supply of every machine and every item needed for condom manufacturing
  • Transfer of manufacturing know-how
  • Transfer of quality assurance know-how, based on CPR`s ISO 13485 certification
  • Training programs for management and employees
  • Chemical and mechanical production start up
  • Assistance regarding the preparation and execution of ISO 13485 certification
  • Support of your condom marketing and sales activities


2002: BGLC, Bangladesh

1999: Alatech, USA

1996: CPR, Germany

1994: Beiersdorf AG, Malaysia

1991: Unimil, Poland (today Condomi AG)

1990: Everts, Germany (today Condomi AG)

1988: Suretex, Thailand (today Ansell)